1. Bravo Coin™ platform is a breakthrough in Blockchain technology working to better manage commercial transactions within the Sports and Entertainment industries by providing users a safe and more cost effective method of exchanging fiat currencies for goods and services into cryptocurrency – globally
  2. Bravo Coin™ is an advanced Cryptocurrency dedicated to become Exchange traded and offered as a unit of alternative currency for use in the Sports and Entertainment industries. Bravo Coin, when utilized in commercial applications for the purchase of tickets, products, and services will have the Blockchain as a foundation for its enterprise system. It will invoke a new ecosystem that will include all event producers, sports personalities, entertainers, sports and entertainment management groups, and hospitality activities to incorporate Bravo Coin as a method of Blockchain purchasing over more traditional methods of conducting commercial transactions.
  3. Bravo Coin will create a new method of using its currency as a transactional interface that provides an overriding safe method of purchasing for its users supported by the innovative Blockchain technology utilizing a peer-to-peer interface for all transactions and purchasing.
  4. Currently, these types of commercial transactions occur in a centralized, non-modular network and are not supported by peer-to-peer functionality. When these transactions become decentralized they do not become vulnerable to the transitional exchanges of existing commercial activities. Bravo Coin will bring decentralization to the aforementioned industries.
  5. Bravo Coin, with growing widespread adoption, will become one of the first Cryptocurrencies to be employed in traditional forms of the Sports and Entertainment industries. Bravo Coin will be established using the Ethereum Blockchain and will be secured by 256-bit cryptography that will protect it from malicious interceptions and hacking attacks that have become so prevalent in everyday business activities….this will not occur over the Bravo Coin exchange and network.




  1. BRAVOCOIN'S mission is to provide a more efficient and secure means for consumers to pay for their entertainment needs as well instituting a method whereby Bravo Coin Cryptocurrency is universally used to provide global digital financial settlement solutions to all platforms within the Sports & Entertainment industries by using the Blockchain technology.


  1. Blockchain costs are controlled and enabled by a standardized fee structure using the Ethereum network. The fees are only directed and enforced inside of the Ethereum network and are calculated based upon the amount of value being performed by virtue of the transaction. For more advanced and complex transactional activities and for the significance of the amount of work needed to be performed “inside” the contract, the higher the fee will be charged. Currently, the Ethereum Blockchain only averages several cents (in common Fiat); per transaction which is significantly lower than credit-card, banking, ticket brokers or even Bitcoin transactions.
  2. When Event, Sports Properties, Entertainment Venues and other Sports and Entertainment related merchants incorporate Bravo Coin as an accepted method of payment Consumers can use Bravo Coins as the method of payment for these industry related business activities.
  3. Ideally, Bravo Coins will primarily be the choice of Cryptocurrency used in the Sports and Entertainment industries, but other coins can be accepted if traded on value respected and accredited Exchanges.


  1. Bravo Coin “users” as they are commonly referred to in the cryptocurrency industry will be issued an eWallet. Once a user has installed a Bravo coin eWallet on a users’ computer or mobile phone/device, it will generate a user’s Bravo Coin address & QR code. The user can then conduct a transaction. A transaction is a transfer or an exchange of value between Bravo Coin eWallets that are entered and then included in the Blockchain. 
  2. Bravo Coin eWallets keep an encrypted piece of data called a Private Key or Seed that is used to sign transactions and provides a mathematical/digital proof that the transaction has originated from the owner of the eWallet. As a safeguard, the signature also prevents the transaction from being altered by any person or entity once it has been issued. 
  3. The user can create additional addresses whenever a user requires one. 
  4. Virtually any sports and entertainment industry segment that interfaces with the consumer and relies on commercial transactions can deploy Bravo Coin into their payment system.
  5. Numerous times event ticket purchasers wait their turn to have the ability to access event tickets and have them go “on sale”, only to have to learn that the event has been sold-out nearly instantly by robotic purchasing, scalpers or large block purchasing which tends to drive the price of the ticket up by making them scarce on top of the absurd service charges. There then develops a secondary market for the same event ticket sales moving profits away from the event organizers, artists and talent to the scalper.
  6. With the introduction of Bravo Coin and its Blockchain technology use, the access, cost and method of purchasing event tickets will the significantly altered in favor of the event producers, artists and consumer.




  1. We have developed a solution where the merchant receives a Bravo Coin payment gateway script that can be integrated into any shopping cart or website (some scripting knowledge is required). 
  2. The workflow is simple: the user picks items he or she wants, adds them to the basket and selects to pay with ETH. Bravo Coin servers generate a QR code with all the needed underlying order information such as order number, price, currency, warranty, delivery option, etc. 
  3. The client must scan the code during a defined time limit otherwise he needs to re-initiate payment. After the client scans the code with his preferred mobile crypto wallet and presses “send”, the transaction is sent to the blockchain together with purchase details. Once the transaction has received several confirmations, the client is notified it was successful. After a few minutes, the merchant sees the money arrive in his wallet. During further development phases, we will introduce Merchant Smart Contract Wallet to enable rates, limits, and automatic exchange to local currency.
  4. We aim to integrate with merchants in early Beta product stage, and together with them, improve and test the solution. Early participation will allow them to influence what features should be included in the roadmap. It will also enable them to expand their market reach, and through a simple setup to start accepting online payments with ETH.